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Storage Sheds

cape cod vinyl garden sheds for sale minneapolis minnesota

Cape Cod Garden Shed

Larger overhangs and a higher roof design than a standard storage shed, creating a “cottage” look. This is our most popular storage shed.

wood sheds 8x12 for sale st paul minnesota

Classic Storage Shed

These storage sheds with a basic A-frame design can be customized into a luxurious and attractive portable storage space for your lawn tools or your seasonal household items.

vinyl quaker shed with red trim shingle roof portable cottage for sale in northern michigan

Quaker Shed

An offset A-frame roof creates a distinctive look and a wide storage space. These storage sheds are sometimes known as carriage sheds.

outdoor storage sheds for sale by shed company in Minnesota

Villa Shed

A hip roof for a contemporary look that blends well with a variety of settings. A good choice for waterfront properties or other areas with potentially high winds.

storage sheds dutch barn in central minnesota

Dutch Barn

These storage sheds feature a traditional barn-style roof that provides maximum storage space and a lot of headroom while maintaining visual appeal.

storage sheds for sale in Wisconsin

Steel Garden Shed

Pole barn structure with steel roofing and siding. These A-frame metal sheds offer a lot of storage space at a low price.

storage sheds for sale in wisconsin by northwood industries

Dog Kennel

A classy dog kennel with interior room for protection from the heat and the cold.

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