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wood storage barn in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Storage Sheds in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Do you need a backyard shed to store your gardening equipment? Do you want to declutter your life? Backyard sheds are an excellent way to store garden tools and equipment such as lawnmowers and gardening supplies. Northwood Outdoor serving Eau Claire Wisconsin is a company that specializes in building high-quality buildings and garages. After you’ve decided on a design, you may customize it to meet your specific storage requirements. Northwood Industries has been dedicated to building long-lasting and affordable sheds, garages, cabins, and gazebos for over 20 years in Eau Claire Wisconsin. We sell and deliver our outdoor buildings to consumers all throughout Eau Claire Wisconsin. Visit our website and read our customer reviews. Start now and receive your free quote.

classic storage building used as a she shed in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Classic Backyard Shed in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Are you looking for a vintage-style storage shed? This backyard shed has a traditional A-frame design that is intended to protect your gardening supplies, tools, and equipment from the weather. This storage shed may be ordered with wood or vinyl siding, as well as your choice of siding and trim colors. Our sizes range from 6’ to 12’ wide. Shed paint, vinyl, and shingles come in a variety of colors. Weathervanes, cupolas, ramps, windows, vents, lofts, dormers… there are several choices for customizing a shed to meet your specific needs! Request a quote today by selecting your preferred size and color, or browse our current inventory.

cape cod shed in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Cape Cod Garden Shed

Do you want a storage shed with a taller roof design for a better snow load rating in the winter? There are several benefits for the Cap Cod Garden Shed. They have a really attractive and refined design that would look great in any backyard. They can used as garden sheds, she sheds, storage buildings, bunkhouses, camping cottages, and even playhouses. This shed has a plethora of customizing possibilities. You may change the roof and siding to match other buildings on your property. Cape Cod Garden sheds sizes range from 6′ to 12′. Shed paint, vinyl, and shingles are all available in a variety of colors. We want you to have the perfect shed, which includes having all of the perfect options. Look through our inventory and get in contact with us today to find out what would be best for you.

quaker shed with white cupola in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Quaker Shed

Would you like a shed with extra rain protection in the front? Do you want a shed with plenty of storage space? Northwood Outdoor serving Eau Claire Wisconsin, specializes in the construction of high-quality quaker sheds that will add elegance to your garden. The Quaker shed is built with an offset A-frame roof that gives a unique aesthetic and a large storage space that provides you with lots of interior extra storage. Quaker Shed sizes range from 6′ to 12′. Shed paint, vinyl, and shingles come in a range of colors. View the images in our inventory to discover some of the different styles and purposes for this beautiful storage shed. Get a free quote today!

villa style in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Villa Shed in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Are you looking for a shed with a hip roof and a modern appearance? Do you want to give your backyard some style and attitude? Northwood Outdoor serves Eau Claire Wisconsin with Villa sheds that integrate with nearly any surroundings. The hip-style roof on the Villa shed will give just the contemporary touch you’re searching for in your backyard. Villa sheds are ideal for lake-side locations or other areas prone to high winds. Our handmade Villa Shed is available in both wood and vinyl siding, and it comes with our usual ten-year guarantee. Select your shed size, paint color, and vinyl color. There are several alternatives for customizing a shed to meet your specific needs like cupolas, weathervanes, ramps, windows, vents, lofts, and dormers. Check out our inventory to find your style. Check through our inventory to discover your perfect fit.

Dutch Barn Shed in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Dutch Barn Shed

Do you prefer to get a Dutch barn shed in order to increase your storage space? The Dutch Barn is a high wall version of the traditional small barn storage barn design. The Dutch barn roof improves internal storage capacity by maximizing headroom. Northwood Outdoor’s standard Dutch Barn package includes two windows and your choice of shutters or trim. Investigate our options for adding larger windows, side doors, or a ramp. Select your size, colors, and options to receive a free quote today.

steel garden sheds in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Steel Garden Shed

Are you looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance shed in Eau Claire Wisconsin? Your answer is steel garden shed. Steel garden sheds are affordable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. The Steel garden shed includes standard features such as a 40-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on the metal, Solid 2×4 purlin construction built to handle Eau Claire Wisconsin’s snow loads, treated 4×4 skids and 2×4 floor joists placed at 16” on center, ¾” tongue and groove plywood flooring, double swinging metal doors with a heavy-duty lockable latch. Browse our current inventory and get in touch with us today.

Prefab Garage Sheds Available in Eau Claire Wisconsin

At Northwood Outdoor, we build garages that remain durable and resilient in the face of Eau Claire Wisconsin’s harsh winter weather.

With a heavy-duty floor, roof, doors, and stone base, our garages are an excellent choice for your cars, boats, atvs, and any other piece of equipment that you need to keep out of the elements.

Getting a prefab garage from Northwood Outdoor is significantly faster than traditionally built garages.


Classic Prefab Garage Sheds

Are you looking to buy a garage in Eau Claire Wisconsin? Our classic garage sheds are based on our classic shed style and have an overhead garage door for storing automobiles, boats, and ATVs. With our Classic prefab garage sheds, you can secure your valuables from the weather while also increasing the value of your property. With our numerous customization and upgrade choices, you may design your own that meets your requirements. Browse our gallery and choose your size, colors, options and get a free quote today.


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prefab garage shed in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Cape Cod Prefab Garage

The Cape Cod Prefab Garage sheds are built on the same foundation as our popular and elegant Cape Cod Garden Shed, but with the addition of a steel overhead door and a high-strength floor support system. Cape code garage sheds are sturdy enough to hold anything that fits through the doors. These garage sheds are ideal for storing trucks, cars, motorbikes, ATVs, tractors, and boats. These garage sheds are fully customizable. Explore our selection and add side doors, a ramp, or any of our other improvements to design your own stylish and functional prefab garage. Get a free quote today.

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portable cape cod garages in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Steel Garage in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Do you want a large amount of storage space at a low cost? With a 9’ wide steel garage door and an extra heavy-duty floor with floor joists at 12” on center, the steel garage will handle anything you can fit through the door. Among the standard features are a 40-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on the metal, Solid 2×4 purlin construction built to handle Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota snow loads, 9’ wide roll-up steel garage door. It is ideal for storing a boat, ATVs, a lawnmower, or a vehicle. View our inventory and get in touch with us today.

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steel garage in Eau Claire Wisconsin

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