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10x12 Sheds| Cost, Foundations, and Layout Suggestions

10×12 sheds are a popular size garden shed for a variety of uses. In this article, we talk about average cost, usage ideas, foundation requirements, and offer sample floorplans.

Features of A Quality Wooden Garden Shed

In the last few years, people purchased wooden garden sheds for many applications. In this article, you will learn about the quality features that you need pay attention to.

The Ultimate 10x16 Shed Idea Guide

When you need storage but don’t want it to take up the whole yard a 10×16 storage shed may be just what you are looking for. Read this blog for an idea of what a 10×16 storage shed can fit.

Real Amish Poly Furniture | Northwood Outdoor

Our Poly furniture is designed and handcrafted by Amish carpenters and builders.

Natural Benefits Of A Cedar Gazebo

Cedar Gazebos offer so many natural benefits and time for relaxation we just can’t get enough of how they look and how they function!

What Is A Portable Garage, And What Would I Do With One?

A true portable garage should be built to the same standards as a house. They should offer more than just a solution for vehicle storage but the ability to also make your life more organized. 

She Shed, He Shed, Hobby Shed?

Purchasing a Hobby Shed will allow you to have a designated space for your hobbies, just like Gloria, to continue her pursuit of sewing.

Stunning She Shed In Hayward Wisconsin

Do you love the sound of a she shed? Need some inspiration? Check out this stunning garden she shed in Northern Wisconsin.

McKenzie Lakes Orchard | The Cabin Shed Retail Store

Portable cabin sheds can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Today we share about how Craig and Kim Yolitz turned their cabin shed into a retail store.

Gilman Gets a Gazebo Gift

Our great customers and our great community are the backbone of our business. Last year we had the privilege of installing one of our gazebos in the rural village of Gilman. In this article, we have the pleasure of telling the story of Gilman, the Gilman Cheese Factory, and a gazebo gift.

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