About Us

Year: 1990

I was 7 years old when Dad and Mom moved our family from Lancaster County, PA to Hayward, WI. It was a big and exciting move. My parents were in search of a place where they could raise their 6 sons and teach them the value of hard, honest work. We ended up on a 20 acre homestead with an old barn that was just big enough to be converted into a shop to start the storage shed company that Dad had planned.

The early days were difficult, and we learned many lessons, mostly through trial and error. But the hard work began to pay off and the business started to grow.

At the time it felt to me like all we did was hard work. But as I look back now I have many fond memories of working with my Dad and my brothers. The lessons we learned about life and about work continue to serve us well to this day. I wouldn’t trade the lessons or the memories for anything else in the world.

Over the years there were many changes, and all 6 of us boys left our mark on the business at one time or another, helping to shape it into the company that it is today.

– Elvie Martin

northwood industries shed company martin family 1992

Martin family in 1992

northwood industries shed company delivery truck in 1991

Our delivery truck in 1991

shed company testing snow load capacity in 1993

Testing snow load capacity in 1993

Year: 2018

Today we have a full line of quality storage buildings and gazebos that we deliver to the upper midwest , and our maintenance-free poly lawn furniture is shipped across the entire United States. We have recently added a full line of rustic hickory bedroom and living room furniture for that up north cabin feel. We continue to combine old world workmanship with new age materials to offer products that everyone loves at a great price.

There definitely have been many changes since those humble beginnings in 1990, but some things remain the same. We are still dedicated to treating each customer the way we would want to be treated, and we still strive to teach our children the value of hard work and honest business dealings that our parents taught to us years ago.

shed company northwood industries founder clair and ruthie martin

Clair and Ruthie (Dad and Mom) 2017

elvie and liz shed company martin family northwood industries

Elvie and Liz Martin Family 2017

shed company northwood industries delivery truck

Delivery Truck 2017

People often ask us what we are, Amish or Mennonite. While most of our products are handcrafted in Amish shops, our background is Mennonite and we attend the Northwoods Mennonite church in Hayward, WI. We definitely appreciate the rich heritage and solid teaching that Mennonites have to offer, but being Mennonite is not the most important thing to us. Here is what we feel is more important:

“When there is hope in the future, there is power in the present”
Zig Ziegler

We live in a world that is in desperate need of hope everywhere you look. We here at Northwood do not claim to have the answers to all of this world’s problems, and we have no political agenda to push. We do, however, know what has made an overwhelming difference in our personal lives, and we think it can make a difference in your life as well. We receive our hope for the future from a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We feel this is more important than anything else we will accomplish in this life. We would love to talk to you more about this.

Feel free to contact us anytime by phone or by email, and we will do our best to answer any questions you have.

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