04 Deluxe CapeCod Beige

Cape Cod Garden Shed

Add Value, Prestige, and Appeal to Your Property

This garden shed has so many possibilities. It can be used for basic storage needs or you can customize it for use as an upscale storage shed, a bunkhouse, a camping cabin, or a playhouse.  This regal building will grace any backyard, vacation property, or garden with its lovely roofline. Add flower boxes and a cupola with a weathervane to make it your own garden shed. Your neighbors will be looking!

deluxe cape cod garden shed with navajo siding in st paul minnesota

Choose Your Size

6' Wide

Size Wood Vinyl
6x6 $2350 $2702.5
6x8 $2495 $2869.25

8' Wide

Size Wood Vinyl
8x8 $2650 $3047.5
8x10 $2995 $3444.25
8x12 $3295 $3789.25
8x14 $3595 $4134.25
8x16 $3950 $4542.5

10' Wide

Size Wood Vinyl
10x10 $3695 $4249.25
10x12 $4095 $4709.25
10x14 $4495 $5169.25
10x16 $4850 $5577.5
10x18 $5075 $5836.25
10x20 $5550 $6382.5

12' Wide

Size Wood Vinyl
12x12 $4595 $5284.25
12x14 $5175 $5951.25
12x16 $5650 $6497.5
12x18 $6195 $7124.25
12x20 $6495 $7469.25
12x24 $7650 $8797.5
12x28 $8695 $9999.25
12x30 $9150 $10522.5

Choose Your Colors

shed building trim shutter turf green 0

Turf Green

shed building trim shutter wedgewood blue 0

Wedgewood Blue

shed building trim shutter white 0


shed building trim shutter navajo white 0

Navajo White

shed building trim shutter light gray 0

Light Gray

shed building trim shutter dawn gray 0

Dawn Gray

shed building trim shutter charcoal brown 0

Charcoal Brown

shed building trim shutter chestnut 0


shed building trim shutter clay 0


shed building trim shutter almond 0


shed building trim shutter avocado 0


shed building trim shutter barn red 0

Barn Red

shed building trim shutter beige 0


shed vinyl siding white 0


shed vinyl siding sage 0


shed vinyl siding sandstone 0


shed vinyl siding slate blue 0

Slate Blue

shed vinyl siding prairie wheat 0

Prairie Wheat

shed vinyl siding heritage gray 0

Heritage Gray

shed vinyl siding antique ivory 0


shed vinyl siding classic linen 0

Classic Linen

shed vinyl siding clay 0


shed vinyl siding almond 0


northwood shingle color slate 0


northwood shingle color green 0


northwood shingle color gray 0


northwood shingle color cedar 0


northwood shingle color charcoal 0


northwood shingle color bark 0


northwood shingle color black 0


Choose Your Options

Cupolas, weathervanes, ramps, windows, vents, lofts, dormers…so many options to personalize a shed or garage just for what you need!

Cape Cod Garden Shed Photo Gallery

Inspiration You Can Build On

Browse our photos below to see some of the possible designs and uses of this versatile shed. When you are ready to craft your own version of this shed, contact us through the quote request form below or visit us at one of our shed lots and furniture stores.

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