shed options

Shed and Garage Options


shed door steel 9 lite window 0

9-Lite Window

shed door steel arch top window 0

Arch Top Window

shed door wood arched trim 0

Arched Trim

shed door wood new england standard door 0

New England Standard w/out window

shed door wood painted door 0

Painted Door

shed door raised panel steel 0

Raised Panel Steel

shed door wood regular 0


3’ Single Shed Door
6’ Wide Doors in 10’ Barn, add
7’ High Shed Doors, add
8’ Wide Doors in 12’ Barn, add
8’x7’ Double Doors, add
Add 4, 6, 9, or 11 Lite in raised Panel, add
Dutch Door (adder per door)
Extra Double Shed Doors
Extra Raised Panel Door (double door white)
Extra Raised Panel Door (single door white)
Paint Raised Panel door (any siding color)
Pre-Hung House Door 3’x6’4’ or 6’8’
Raised Panel Doors (add, per door)
Standard Door Sill Protector

Garage Doors

shed option garage door heritage style 0

Heritage Garage Door

shed option garage door regular 0

Regular Garage Door

Advantage Raised Panel Garage (no glass)
Advantage Raised Panel Garage w/ windows
Garage Door Sill Protector
Homestead Garage Door (Carriage Style)
Insulated Garage Door (For Homestead), add
Standard Raised Panel Overhead Door


shed window large 0

Large 30" x 35"

shed window small 0

Small 18" x 35"

shed window standard 0

Standard 24" x 35"

shed window trim instead of shutters 0

Trim Instead of Shutters

18”x 27” Aluminum w/Screen
24”x 36” Aluminum w/Screen
24”x 36” Insulated Vinyl
30”x 36” Aluminum w/Screen
Cathedral Window
Octagon Window
Shutters (per window)
Skylights (bubble/fixed) 14”x30”
Transom Window Above Shed Double Doors
Transom Window in Shed Door (per door)
Window Boxes Vinyl (each)

Roof Options

shed option weathervane carriage 0


shed option weathervane eagle 0


shed option weathervane horse 0


shed option weathervane painted eagle 0

Painted Eagle

shed option weathervane rooster 0


Black Paper
Large Cupola 25”
Medium Cupola 21”
Reverse Gable Dormer
Ridge Vent per 10’ section
Roll Vent
Roof Hurricane Clips
Shed Dormer w/2 Transom Window (on Classic 12’ only)
Weathervane Eagle Classic (painted)

Vents & More

shed option cupola 0


shed option deluxe gable vent 0

Deluxe Gable Vent

shed option flower box 0

Flower Box

shed option gable vent 0

Gable Vent

shed option garden vent 0

Garden Vent

shed option loft 0


shed option ramp 0


shed option ridge vent 0

Ridge Vent

12” Decorative Hinge (each)
8”x 8” Gable Vent
Deluxe Vent (each)
Gable Vent (each)
Garden Vent (each)
Loft Door

Floor Options

Insulated Floor
Joist on 12” centers
Ramp 4’x4’ Shed Door
Ramp 4’x5’ Shed Door
Ramp 4’x8’ Garage Door
Treated Floor Plywood


4’ Porch on end w/railing
4×8 Porch W/1 section railing
6’ Porch on end w/railing

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