shed options

Shed and Garage Options


shed door steel 9 lite window 0

9-Lite Window

shed door steel arch top window 0

Arch Top Window

shed door wood arched trim 0

Arched Trim

shed door wood new england standard door 0

New England Standard w/out window

shed door wood painted door 0

Painted Door

shed door raised panel steel 0

Raised Panel Steel

shed door wood regular 0


3’ Single Shed Door $125
6’ Wide Doors in 10’ Barn, add $55
7’ High Shed Doors, add $65
8’ Wide Doors in 12’ Barn, add $65
8’x7’ Double Doors, add $125
Add 4, 6, 9, or 11 Lite in raised Panel, add $100
Dutch Door (adder per door) $75
Extra Double Shed Doors $235
Extra Raised Panel Door (double door white) $375
Extra Raised Panel Door (single door white) $195
Paint Raised Panel door (any siding color) $45
Pre-Hung House Door 3’x6’4’ or 6’8’ $395
Raised Panel Doors (add, per door) $105
Standard Door Sill Protector $45

Garage Doors

shed option garage door heritage style 0

Heritage Garage Door

shed option garage door regular 0

Regular Garage Door

Advantage Raised Panel Garage (no glass) $725
Advantage Raised Panel Garage w/ windows $800
Garage Door Sill Protector $85
Homestead Garage Door (Carriage Style) $875
Insulated Garage Door (For Homestead), add $225
Standard Raised Panel Overhead Door $595


shed window large 0

Large 30" x 35"

shed window small 0

Small 18" x 35"

shed window standard 0

Standard 24" x 35"

shed window trim instead of shutters 0

Trim Instead of Shutters

18”x 27” Aluminum w/Screen $55
24”x 36” Aluminum w/Screen $100
24”x 36” Insulated Vinyl $195
30”x 36” Aluminum w/Screen $125
Cathedral Window $110
Octagon Window $110
Shutters (per window) $45
Skylights (bubble/fixed) 14”x30” $150
Transom Window Above Shed Double Doors $225
Transom Window in Shed Door (per door) $85
Window Boxes Vinyl (each) $45

Roof Options

shed option weathervane carriage 0


shed option weathervane eagle 0


shed option weathervane horse 0


shed option weathervane painted eagle 0

Painted Eagle

shed option weathervane rooster 0


Black Paper $0.5 per sq. ft.
Large Cupola 25” $325
Medium Cupola 21” $210
Reverse Gable Dormer $725
Ridge Vent per 10’ section $100
Roll Vent $10 per ft.
Roof Hurricane Clips $2.95 per ft.
Shed Dormer w/2 Transom Window (on Classic 12’ only) $595
Weathervane $60
Weathervane Eagle Classic (painted) $135

Vents & More

shed option cupola 0


shed option deluxe gable vent 0

Deluxe Gable Vent

shed option flower box 0

Flower Box

shed option gable vent 0

Gable Vent

shed option garden vent 0

Garden Vent

shed option loft 0


shed option ramp 0


shed option ridge vent 0

Ridge Vent

12” Decorative Hinge (each) $10
8”x 8” Gable Vent $35
Deluxe Vent (each) $45
Gable Vent (each) $20
Garden Vent (each) $35
Loft Door $85
Loft/Shelf $2.35 per sq. ft.

Floor Options

Insulated Floor $2.75 per sq. ft.
Joist on 12” centers $0.35 per sq. ft.
Ramp 4’x4’ Shed Door $100
Ramp 4’x5’ Shed Door $125
Ramp 4’x8’ Garage Door $175
Treated Floor Plywood $0.85 per sq. ft.


4’ Porch on end w/railing $925
4×8 Porch W/1 section railing $825
6’ Porch on end w/railing $1100

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