Wholesale Poly Furniture

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Adirondack Wholesale Poly Furniture

Adirondack wholesale poly furniture showcases meticulous craftsmanship with durable materials for longevity and weather resistance. Ideal for retailers, campgrounds, hotels, and event venues.

fanback outdoor patio furniture collection for sale by northwood industries

Fanback Wholesale Poly Furniture

Fanback’s wholesale poly outdoor furniture is the top choice for universities, colleges, restaurants, campgrounds, and other discerning buyers seeking durable, inviting furnishings.

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Pub Collection Wholesale Poly Furniture

Explore our Pub Collection wholesale poly furniture, crafted for durability, style, and versatility, tailored to the needs of pubs, restaurants, resorts, hotels, and amusement parks.

amish made poly dining sets in northern WI

Dining Set Wholesale Poly Furniture

These versatile dining sets are built to endure the elements, making them a smart investment for bulk buyers in hospitality, events, and businesses. Transform your outdoor spaces into inviting hubs of alfresco dining delight.

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Wholesale Poly Outdoor Furniture

Whether you’re a landscaping company, a park manager, or a retailer, our wholesale poly outdoor benches offer the perfect low-maintenance seating solution.

outdoor patio furniture accessories

Wholesale Poly Furniture Accessories

Enhance your outdoor experience with our range of wholesale poly furniture accessories, perfect for businesses like outdoor stores and hospitality establishments.

Ordering and Shipping Information

No Minimum Orders

No order is too small. We welcome orders of all sizes with no minimum requirements.

15% Discount on $5000+ Orders

Enjoy significant savings with a 15% discount on orders exceeding $5000.

Convenient Shipping Solutions

We handle the logistics for you. When you provide us with a ship-to address, we can provide you with a quote for a delivered price, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Efficient Delivery

Our standard delivery time ranges from 4 to 6 weeks, ensuring your orders reach you in a timely manner.

Tailored Delivery Pricing

The volume of your order and its destination will impact the delivery cost. We strive to offer fair and customized pricing based on your specific needs.

Peace of Mind in Transit

Rest easy knowing that any damage incurred during shipping is typically covered by the freight company, providing an added layer of protection for your orders.

Discover Our Offerings for Bulk Buyers at Northwood Outdoor

Quality and Durability

We are aware that our bulk buyers are in search of poly furniture that radiates sturdiness, flaunts UV resistance, and boasts weatherproof qualities. We proudly offer products crafted from robust materials, ensuring their long-lasting durability.

Unique Design and Style

The aesthetics of the furniture hold significant importance. We offer a diverse array of styles, colors, and designs, meticulously curated to harmonize with various outdoor settings and cater to the preferences of our bulk wholesale poly furniture customers.

Comfort and Relaxation

Comfort is a paramount consideration, especially for commercial buyers like resorts and restaurants, whether it’s chairs, or benches. At Northwood, we don’t just offer durability and customization; we also prioritize comfort with our wholesale poly furniture.

Affordability and Bulk Discounts

We understand that wholesale buyers seek competitive pricing that aligns with their budgetary considerations. They aim to attain the best value for their investment, which is why we provide affordable pricing options for our bulk buyers.

Effortless Maintenance

Bulk buyers favor wholesale poly furniture that is easy to clean and maintain, effectively reducing ongoing operational costs. Our products are designed to meet your maintenance needs 100%. They are highly resistant to dirt and staining, ensuring that their vibrant colors do not fade over time.

Availability and Lead Times

Timely product availability is crucial for bulk buyers of wholesale poly furniture, especially those with seasonal requirements or project deadlines. We commit to providing you with a lead time as soon as you place your bulk order and ensure that we meet the agreed-upon delivery date with a guarantee.

Warranty and AS Support

We know that bulk buyers seek warranties and after-sales support to address any potential issues or defects with their furniture. We stand behind our products, offering comprehensive warranties, and transparent shipping and delivery policies to cater to all of our customers’ needs.

Shipping and Logistics

We prioritize the selection of the most efficient and reliable shipping carrier for your order, ensuring that your products reach their destination in a timely and secure manner. Each piece is expertly wrapped and protected, minimizing the risk of dents, scratches, or breakage during the transit process.

Top Businesses Engaging in High-Volume Purchases from Us

amish made poly furniture for the lake

Resorts and Hotels

poly outdoor patio furniture for sale from northwood industries

Restaurants and Cafes

amish made poly benches for sale

Event Venues

folding poly adirondack chairs for sale in florida

Campgrounds and RV Parks

minnetonka arm chairs patio chairs for sale in minneapolis minnesota

Retail Stores and Garden Centers

fanback chaise lounge chair for beach and pool furniture

Poolside and Beach Resorts

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