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Poly vs. Wood: 3 Reasons People Prefer Poly Patio Furniture

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A beautiful backyard paradise decked out with comfortable outdoor furniture is the dream of many homeowners. For many years, handcrafted wooden furniture was considered the ideal for outdoor patio furniture. But after buying a beautiful wooden set, many a homeowner discovered it wasn’t as ideal as it seemed. What was bought for relaxation caused more work. Every fall the furniture had to be hauled into the shed for storage through the winter, and then carried back out in the spring. Boards warped, legs rotted, and termites thrived while mothers spent time digging splinters out of many a Johnny’s backside. Not to mention the seemingly endless job of reapplying paint or stain to keep the furniture looking nice.

The dream of a beautiful backyard paradise has not gone away. But the ideal furniture for that paradise has changed. For many of the reasons detailed above, wood is no longer the primary choice for outdoor furniture. A new wave has washed in and many people are riding it. Poly furniture has come to the rescue.

Three Reasons People Are Choosing Poly Patio Furniture

quality poly patio furniture for sale nationwide
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1. Poly Patio Furniture is Environmentally Ethical

Poly furniture is made from 100% polyethylene recyclable plastic. So poly furniture is not only saving trees, it is also helping to reduce pollution by keeping plastic products from entering the waste stream. Now that’s a double whammy to the carbon footprint!

Poly furniture also contains no harsh chemicals that will negatively impact the environment. On top of that, most poly materials don’t absorb water, eliminating the chances of harmful mold or bacteria. What it really boils down to is that poly furniture contributes toward a healthier you and a healthier environment.

2. Poly Patio Furniture is Financially Friendly

Initially, poly furniture may seem like your wallet’s enemy. But those who get past the “initially,” realize that poly furniture is really an investment in your outdoor space that will put a smile on your wallet’s face for a long time. Why? Because poly furniture never warps, never corrodes, never splinters, never rots, and never needs stain or paint. We’re so confident about all this that we offer a 20-year warranty on our poly furniture. That is 175,200 hours that you do not have to worry about repairing or replacing furniture. No wonder the wallet stays happy. And, as we all know, if mother the wallet is happy, everybody is happy.

3. Poly Patio Furniture is Essentially Easy

What more can we say about a maintenance free outdoor furniture? No more needing to nurse a sore back through the winter from carrying your furniture indoors. No more painting, or replacing rotten logs, or spraying for termites. We could get eloquent about this but we’ll keep it easy, just like poly furniture.

Not only is poly furniture the easy, environmentally ethical, economical choice, it also is beautiful with nearly endless options for colors and style. No wonder so many people are riding this wave. So, get on board and start designing your backyard paradise by visiting our poly patio furniture page or see other ideas such poly-coated playsets.

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