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We offer durable, customizable storage sheds for sale in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Custom orders usually arrive within 6-8 weeks for those designing their own shed. Alternatively, select from our wide inventory, with delivery as quick as 2 weeks. To learn more and get a price, click “get a free quote,” and we’ll promptly provide details and pricing.

Sheds For Sale in MN 5

Sheds For Sale in Minneapolis, MN

Our selection of sheds for sale in Minneapolis, MN offers durable, customizable solutions to suit your storage needs.

Wood Sheds For Sale in Eau Claire, WI.

Sheds For Sale in Saint Paul, MN

Our sheds for sale in Saint Paul, MN are built to withstand the harsh midwest weather, with quality materials and craftsmanship.

Storage shed for sale in Brainerd MN

Sheds For Sale in St.Cloud, MN

Explore our durable and customizable diverse range of sheds for sale St Cloud, MN, designed to suit various needs and preferences.

Sheds For Sale in MN 2

Sheds For Sale in Mankato, MN

Choose quality, durability, and customization for your storage needs. Our Mankato, MN location offers sturdy, customizable sheds for sale.

Sheds For Sale in Grand Rapids MN

Sheds For Sale in Rochester, MN

Discover our diverse selection of durable sheds for sale in Rochester, MN, tailored to fit your specific requirements.

villa storage shed for sale in saint paul mn

Sheds For Sale in Grand Rapids, MN

In Grand Rapids’ harsh winters, a durable storage shed is crucial, offering both weather resilience and enhancing landscape aesthetics.

sheds For Sale in Duluth MN 5

Sheds For Sale in Brainerd, MN

Discover durable, customizable sheds for sale in Brainerd, MN at Northwood Outdoor. Explore our range of sizes and models to fit your unique needs.

Storage Sheds For Sale in Duluth, MN

Sheds For Sale in Duluth, MN

Need a storage shed for your garden tools and equipment in Duluth, MN? Check out Northwood Outdoor for top-quality sheds and garages.

Sheds For Sale in MN 7

Sheds For Sale in Wausau, WI

From traditional styles to modern designs, discover the perfect shed to enhance your property and organize your outdoor space efficiently.

Sheds For Sale in MN 4

Sheds For Sale in Ashland, WI

Explore our varied shed models for sale in Asland, WI, tailored to enhance your outdoor area and meet your specific storage requirements.

sheds For Sale in Eau Claire, WI

Sheds For Sale in Eau Claire, WI

We has been committed to crafting durable and budget-friendly sheds, garages, cabins, and gazebos for over 20 years in Eau Claire, WI.

outdoor shed for extreme northern weather in wisconsin

Sheds For Sale in Hudson, WI

Find customizable sheds for sale in Hudson, WI, catering to various needs from petite garden sheds to spacious storage units.

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Our Storage Shed Quality Features

Qaulity details of storage sheds matter!  In this video, we will go over some key important points that you need to think about before you buy a shed.

Storage Shed Delivery

Delivery of storage sheds is easy and won’t disrupt your property. See our video featuring our specialized shed hauling trailer and shed mule in action!

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Have you found your dream shed or identified a garage that you want to customize? Have you chosen the ideal poly furniture set for your patio or selected a hickory wood table and chairs for your cabin? Fill out the form to receive a free quote or to request more information about our products.