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Natural Benefits Of A Cedar Gazebo

Have you found yourself wanting to have a classy yet timeless and rustic look all at once? Not only can a cedar gazebo do that, but it can offer you the ability to have that special place to make the everlasting memories you have always desired. Imagine, watching the sunset on the lake, waking up with the grandkids after a  “camping experience”, or even enjoying it as a three-season room for yourself.

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Picture with us the benefit of having a three-season room in the middle of your meticulously well-kept flower garden. Perhaps this will turn into the perfect little napping area you have always needed to sneak away to. Maybe you and your spouse would love to have a place to have those deep conversations that keep you up late into the night or help you to wake up with excitement to spend time with them. 

These are just some of the possibilities a cedar gazebo can offer you. All while giving you the classy and rustic look we discussed earlier!  If you can’t tell yet, we really like cedar gazebos! 

We not only love cedar gazebos but want to give you a better understanding of what cedar gazebos are and what their natural benefits are. 

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What is a Cedar Gazebo?

For years you may have heard about how “those fancy people”  have a gazebo on their property. Maybe you enjoy landscaping and hardscaping so you have seen a cedar gazebo at a lawn and garden show and you have always wondered if someday you could get one. 

A gazebo is traditionally a hexagonal or octagonal-shaped garden building. They contain a seating area on the interior and screened windows so that the beauty of their surroundings can be fully enjoyed

Let us transport you to what sitting in a cedar gazebo can feel like:

beautiful cedar gazebo in WI

Imagine sitting in amongst the beauty of budding flowers. You have the windows open so the warm breeze blows by you wafting the pleasant aroma of the nearby lavender. The sun peaks from behind the soft and wispy clouds. It shines on your shoulders, giving you the lighting you have longed for all day. You get the chance to take in the sounds of all the nature around you. The buzzing of the bees, the songs of birds in the distance. You take in a deep breath and let it out with a sigh of contentment as you watch the ducks land and swim upon the water of your lakefront property.  As you are sitting you ponder and think to yourself “ Can life get any better”?

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That is why we love our cedar gazebos as much as we do. They can give you the perfect place for revitalization, enjoyment, and making lasting memories.

Now let us help you imagine how a cedar gazebo can look on your property.

What colors go well with cedar wood?

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Naturally, before you spend the money on a cedar gazebo you want to make sure that it fits the new surroundings it will find itself in. The most traditional colors that compliment cedar gazebos would be light earthly tones such as tans, taupes, and beiges. Some fun accent colors that can complement cedar gazebos well are plums, blues, and grays. 

What kind of flowers would look nice around my cedar gazebo?

Some flowers that look nice among a cedar shed are Blue Hydrangeas, Purple Petunias, and a new favorite of ours being Cream Gerber Daisies.

However, the colors provided are not exhaustive. We think that given what our many customers have shown us, cedar gazebos look great in any kind of surrounding, but especially handsome in a well-kept and gardened area.

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What woods compliment cedar?

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Maybe you are a wood enthusiast and would love the idea of having other wooden furniture made to compliment your cedar gazebo.  Maple wood makes for a dramatic and eye-catching feature that makes both kinds of wood pop out and complement one another.  Another wood that pairs well with cedar wood is hickory. This offers a natural and rustic look that will complement the undertones of your cedar structure. 

What are the natural benefits of a cedar gazebo?

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Cedar gazebos offer more than just a timeless and classy look. That’s why we took the time to give you a few reasons that cedar gazebos are the way to go when it comes to adorning your personal outdoor space. We think the list will give you some compelling reasons as to why a cedar gazebo may be just what you need for natural durability in your landscape.  


Cedar Gazebos are Naturally Mold Resistant

What would make it unenjoyable to be outdoors in your cedar gazebo? Maybe seeing the site of that dreaded mold appearing? This situation can’t help but bring up the feelings of angst and the idea that more chores will ensue and less enjoyment. However, because of the natural makeup of cedar wood it is mold and mildew resistant.

Imagine being able to go out to the lake house. Once you arrive,  you have your cedar gazebo providing you with a beautiful area for relaxation. Now you won’t have to worry about spraying tons of harsh chemicals around your property to keep mildew and mold away. This is all because cedar has beautiful and natural mold repelling properties. 

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Cedar Gazebos Are Naturally Bug Repellent

A common question is, “Does cedar really repel bugs”? The resounding answer is YES!  While cedar may not repel every bug on the face of the planet, cedar wood does repel the most common pests that we know here in North America. The bugs that are often repelled by cedar include silver fish, termites, certain ants, moths, mosquitoes, and cockroaches

For added bug-repelling benefits, you may consider scattering cedar mulch around the area of your gazebo. This gives you even more of a repellent as what is repelling the bugs is the scent of the cedar wood. While we do enjoy the smell cedar provides, many insects will run far away from you making it more enjoyable for everyone there!

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What is Unique About Northwood Outdoor Cedar Gazebos?

When you begin to look for a cedar gazebo to compliment your space, others may try to sell you on a cheaper, but poorly built gazebo. However, our cedar gazebos are built to a different standard than that of a typical gazebo. 

Our cedar gazebos are built with our customer’s needs in mind while being placed on a sturdy foundation of 4×4 skids with 2 x 6 floor joists. This gives you the added sturdiness and quietness that you desire to see in a quality-built structure like ours. 

All of the features on our gazebos that allow for air movement and breathability are equipped with a screen. This means our cupola and flooring won’t allow for unwanted visitors into your cedar gazebo, giving you more time for R&R. And less time getting rid of pesky critters.

The most important your Gazebo is given is 2 coats of Sikkens cedar tone stain. This is done inside and outside of the structure. This will not only give it a finished look but will allow for the cedar gazebo to outlive lesser constructed gazebos. 

If you want to see even more specifications about our cedar gazebos you can do so by clicking here.  

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Are You Ready For A Cedar Gazebo?

So if you have made it this far it is safe to say you are at least moderately interested in a cedar gazebo. Maybe all you needed was just a little more information than what you found out before. 

Cedar Gazebos offer so many natural benefits and time for relaxation we just can’t get enough of how they look and feel!

That’s why we are here to give you a hand in deciphering if the cedar gazebo is for you. Additionally, you may have found that a cedar gazebo is not what you are looking for.  Get in touch with us or ask us for a free quote. We promise you won’t be disappointed and we will be glad to talk with you!

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