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What Is A Portable Garage, And What Would I Do With One? When You Need Space For More Than Just A Car

Are you trying to find the best way to store your busy life? Tommy started to take up hunting with his dad this past year. Jenny started taking riding lessons at the farm down the road and needs a place for her riding gear. Your husband has a laundry list full of “hobbies” from golf clubs to rock climbing gear he won’t get rid of. You are just looking for a place to store a few of your garden tools so that you can do something you like in your few moments of “free time” that you get when everyone is out doing their hobbies. Whew! Just listening to your life makes us feel like we need to drink a whole pot of coffee just to keep up, let alone live it. 

classic style portable garages for sale in hayward wi

You need a place to store what makes living your life, well, your life. You thought that a shed would be a good idea but deep down you know that it’s not going to give you the space you need.  You want something bigger and if you’re going to get something bigger why not just build a garage on to your home?

Well what if you didn’t need to build on to your house but could have a custom garage built to the needs you have? Well what you may be looking for is a custom built portable garage! These structures can fit not only the car, but anything else you can think of! (Even those hobbies no one is doing anymore. Seriously who needs the original chia pet, this isn’t 1982?

What Is A Portable Garage?

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You may have ended up here thinking that this was going to be information about the portable garages that are made from fabric or a carport like your grandma used to have in the 70’s. The portable garages we are talking about are not those kinds of garages.

When we say that they are built to residential standards it is no joke! Some people have even gone as far as making these structures into living spaces! These buildings are built by hand by  skilled Amish craftsman

Having quality materials in construction, true craftsmen building your project, and the best in the industry customer service is what you should be looking for in a portable garage builder. 

How Will My Portable Garage Look?

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A custom portable garage builder generally has a few lay outs of how they can build what you want or need. Here at Northwood Outdoor, we have 3 styles of building. The 3 types of building we offer are The Classic, Cape Cod and Steel. Talk with the builder of your project to see which style may be the best fit for you and your needs.

classic style portable garages for sale in hayward wi
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How Is A Custom Built Portable Garage Better Than A Carport Or Fabric Garage

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Portable garages are better than a fabric building or carport for many reasons. But the main reason is due to the durability of custom and quality construction. The build-at-home fabric and carport garage kits that are mass produced and are not made to last nearly as long as custom portable garage.

These alternative products promise a simple solution to your storage problem but do not account for the weekend you will lose putting it together or the fact that there is no floor in the structure itself, or that you will lack peace of mind when nasty weather comes. 

How Will A Portable Garage Help Me Get Organized?


Remember earlier when you were feeling overwhelmed about the busyness of your life? The frantic running around and that over packed house. The gallons of coffee you are drinking everyday? Ok take a breath you don’t need to feel that way all the time! A portable garage can help you get your life back together and be more organized. Let’s talk about that.

calssy portable garages for cars innorthern wi

So how is having a portable garage going to make you become more organized?  When you don’t have the space to store your items properly you can feel that everything that you have is overgrowing in your home. 

You may even feel like you have outgrown your home.In reality, you are just needing some additional space. A portable garage lets you take your items and store them where they belong. Out of your everyday living space!

What Will You Use Your Portable Garage For?

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So many times people think a portable garage is just for their car. And while a portable garage is great for your car, our customers would agree with us that they can be used for so much more. 

A quality portable garage can be built to store your ATVs, your boat, your project car or anything else that seems to be cluttering a space.  Custom portable garages come in many shapes and sizes.  At Northwood Outdoor, we will build them as large as 12 feet wide by 30 feet long! That is even larger than your typical 2 car garage! So without that extra space you can store your son’s hunting gear, your daughter’s riding tack, your husband’s hobbies (even that one from college he stopped doing a long time ago), as well as your equipment for your garden. 


What Will You Do With All That Extra Space?


If you made it this far you are probably starting to think that a portable garage is something that you would like to purchase. However you may be wondering: “ Why would I want extra space if I am trying to save money”? “Will I really be able to use all that space?” 

Depending on your situation you may be saying that even the most compact size is still bigger than what you need. Even our smallest portable garage would let you fit in more than 5 Kawasaki Ninjas (motorcycles)!

That being said, hear us out, there are a lot of awesome things you can do with that extra space!

Rent it Out:

Maybe you are buying this portable garage and you know you aren’t going to need all the space it has to offer. We think renting out a part of it is a great way to make some extra money.

Maybe you know a family who needs a place to store some of their children’s bikes in the winter, a single mom who needs a place for her large stroller.

Perhaps an elderly woman who needs just a small place to put her small seasonal ornaments. Maybe you decide to purchase a portable garage large enough to rent out a garage bay to a buddy who needs space for the tools for his business. 

The options of using your portable garage are pretty much endless when renting it out, and because we are able to custom build them, you can place the entrances (doors and garage doors) wherever you need them.


Portable Garages Can Be Dual Purpose


Maybe you need a garage for your car and a shed for your riding mower. With a portable garage you can make part of it a place for car storage and another part of it for your lawn work tools. This can be done by adding the doors in just where you need and want them and by adding a small partition of plywood it can feel like 2 totally separate places in one!

Need Office Space?

Day in and day out you practice your craft whether that be woodworking, flower arranging, or even candle making. You know that you have what it takes to turn your hobby into something more than just a hobby, if only you had the dedicated space. 

A portable garage gives you just that. Part of your structure can be set up to be set up as a work area and another part finished off for office space or being a small store front! 

So now you can remove the burden of unneeded guilt in spending the money and allow yourself to make money where you spent it! 

Man Cave or She Shed

In the same vein of office space you may be forgetting that when you purchase something you are allowed to enjoy it too. All work and no play can lead to a dull life so take a mismatch of our previous approaches and make your portable garage into the perfect she shed or man cave. 

Go as big or as small as you want. Maybe you want to make your portable garage a man cave for just the guys to work on their projects (or maybe pretend they are working on them).

Maybe you want to make your Portable garage into the she shed of your dreams. Imagine turning it into the art studio of your dreams for years to come as you teach your paint nights to friends and maybe even a small business!

Summing It All Up

Your portable garage can be so much more than just a place to store your car. It can get your stuff more organized for the craziness that is your life. It can become a source of some extra income or even a place that double as a business or place of comfort. 

When looking to do a project like a portable garage it is important to get in touch with a builder that you trust. Here at Northwood have been building Portable garages just like these for over 30 years. Check out our website to see our wide selection of colors, build styles and learn more about the materials we use to make your dream come true. 

Even more, fill out our form for a free quote! We can’t wait to work with you!

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