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Wooden Storage Sheds

Add A Beautiful Storage Solution To Your Backyard

Are you looking for a shed that is well-built, will last a long time, and won’t break the bank?  If so, a wooden storage shed might be just the right thing for you. Our wooden sheds are attractive and hand-built by the Amish to extremely high standards.

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classic wooden storage shed for sale near saint paul minnesota

Wooden Storage Shed Construction Details

Wooden Storage Shed Framing

Our wooden storage sheds are framed by Amish builders using methods that are similar to residential construction. The floors, walls, and roof are all framed at 16 inches on center using high-grade construction lumber. The walls in our wooden sheds come standard with a double truss plate.  Combined together, this attention to quality build details in the construction of our sheds means that you can count on them last for many years to come.

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wooden storage shed for sale near duluth minnesota

Wooden Storage Shed Siding

Our wooden storage sheds are finished with high-quality DuraTemp wooden panels and painted according to the color of your choice. A high-end wooden finish on your shed, means that you can enjoy your storage solution without having to worry about the integrity of your building. Our wooden storage sheds require minimal maintenance. 

Features of DuraTemp siding include:

  1. Provides excellent water resistance
  2. Is a fully renewable building material made from real Western softwood
  3. Features a beautiful groove pattern
  4. Offers consistent dimensional stability
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High quality wooden siding on a wooden storage shed for sale in wisconsin

Main Advantages Of Wooden Storage Sheds

While wooden storage sheds are a great option and are adaptable for most uses, there may be some cases where another option would work better for you.  Here are some considerations to think about when deciding between wood, or another material for your shed.

affordable wooden storage sheds for sale in wisconsin


Wooden storage sheds are affordable. While not as cheap as plastic resin sheds, they offer significantly higher long term durability for the price.

beautiful wooden storage sheds for sale in wisconsin


Wooden storage sheds are beautiful.  These sheds are some of the most best looking, beautiful sheds that money can buy.  They will look outstanding in almost any backyard.

Adaptable wooden storage sheds for sale in mn


Wooden storage sheds are adaptable. They can be used for many different specialized purposes, like she sheds, guesthouses, hobby sheds, and even retail stores! 

durable wooden storage sheds for sale in minnesota


Wooden storage sheds are extremely durable. Wooden storage sheds are good for at least 20 years. When installed on a proper foundation and properly maintained, they can last even longer.  

Wooden Storage Sheds Vs Plastic, Metal, Vinyl-Sided

Still not sure which type of shed is going to work best for you? Here is a quick guide for you.

Comparing Sheds Northwood Outodoor 1

Wooden Storage Sheds For Sale In Wisconsin And Minnesota

12x30 wooden storage shed for sale near eau claire wisconsin

Cape Cod Garden Shed

This is our most popular basic wooden storage shed model.

wood storage shed for sale near saint paul mn

Classic Storage Shed

This is a classier version of the Cape Cod, with a steeper roof pitch.

quaker wooden storage shed for sale near saint cloud minnesota

Quaker Shed

Also known as the “saltbox” shed, this building features an offset roofline and wide roof overhang on the front

wooden storage shed for sale near brainerd minnesota

Villa Shed

This modern-looking shed looks great and is a good choice in areas with high winds.

barn style wooden storage shed nea saint cloud minnesota

Dutch Barn Shed

The barn-style roof on these wooden sheds means that you can take advantage of maximum head and storage space.

wooden storage shed for sale near hudson wisconsin

Monterey Shed

This wooden shed model features an offset roof line toward the back, meaning you can have a loft across the entire back wall. 

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