How to Get the Best Deal on a Shed

best deal on a shed

Most people like to save money and I’m guessing you are one of them (considering you clicked on this article). The problem is, it’s not always easy. Bills, groceries, and the latest iPhone can get expensive. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of savings whenever you can. That is the purpose of this article. We want you to get the best deal on a shed. So, without further ado, here’s 7 ways to save money on your shed.

Buy Your Shed Outright

One of the best ways to save money on a shed is to buy it outright rather than through rent to own. While there are times that rent to own is good idea, most of the time when you buy a shed through installments rather than paying full price upfront, you will end up spending more, and often significantly more, on it. If you do not have the enough money on hand, save until you do. It will be well worth the wait.

Savings: Depends on the list price of the building but often well over $1000

Buy a Preowned Shed

Another great way to save money is by purchasing a used shed. While this does cut down on your ability to customize your shed, you will save several hundred dollars. You can always do your own customizations or hire someone to do it for you. Most preowned buildings for sale from shed companies have been repossessed after someone stopped making rent to own payments. This means that they will generally be less than two years old, in good condition, and should still be very structurally sound. If you buy through a third party, make sure that you inspect the building well before purchasing.

Savings: Several hundred or more

save money on your shed

Wait for a Sale

Sales can be another way to get the best deal on a shed. And often, you don’t even have to wait for sales. Many shed companies run sales on select sheds all year around. Unfortunately, this can be hit or miss because it is not guaranteed that the shed you are interested will be on sale. However, if you are willing to wait, there is another way to take advantage sales. Most shed companies run sales on all or most of their sheds at some point during the year. Fourth of July, State Fairs, and other summer events/holidays are great times to check if your local shed builder is running any sales. You will generally have a much larger selection of on-sale sheds to choose from during these times.

Savings: $100+

Buy the Right Shed Style

This one is much less obvious but you can often save money by purchasing the right shed style. Different styles of sheds come with different price tags and some will be more expensive even if they are the same size. Be on the lookout for words like “economy” or “standard” because they are often cheaper. It’s always a good idea to compare models but if you don’t feel like doing tons of research, you can always talk to the company and ask them which are their cheaper models. (The cheapest model we offer at Northwood is our Steel Garden Shed. The Cape Cod is our cheapest wooden shed.)

Savings: $100+

Buy the Right Size

Another way to make sure you get the best deal on a shed is by choosing the right size. This may be obvious but larger sheds cost more money so you can save money by getting a smaller building. This may not always be a practical option but if you can determine approximately what you will be using your shed for, then you can ensure you are getting the right size. That said, it’s better to overestimate than to underestimate because it is much more expensive to replace a shed than to pay for one that is too large.

Savings: $100+

best deal on a shed in minnesota

Add Your Own Extra Features

If you plan to use your shed for more than storage (she shed, man cave, studio, office, etc.), then most likely you will want some add-on features like flower boxes or a cupola. However, these things do cost extra. If you are looking to save money and are constructionally inclined, you may want to build these things yourself. It is up to your best judgement to decide whether or not it is worth your time.

Savings: ~ $100-200

Ask the Shed Company

The final way to get the best deal on a shed is by simply asking the shed company. If you ask them how you can best cut costs, assuming they are fair and honest, they should give you some good ideas. This may something you want to try from the very start because it can save you lots of time and research.

Savings: Unknown

Time to Find a Shed

Getting the best deal on a shed isn’t exactly a science but if you use the guidelines above, you will definitely save money. So now that you know what to do, it’s time to go out there and find the perfect shed for you. If you are looking for an honest and trustworthy company to purchase from, consider Northwood Outdoor. You can view our in-stock sheds or build your own with custom options.

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