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The Beauty of Hickory Furniture

beautiful hickory furniture

Have you ever struggled with choosing the right furnishings for your house? Well rest assured that you are not the only one. Finding great looking furniture that fits your taste, your budget, and your living room can be a difficult process. And the truth is, buying furniture is sort of a big deal. It can be a real statement and no one wants to suffer from buyer’s remorse. That’s why we created this post. To help you make a decision that you can be proud of. We will discuss one very popular type of furniture for rustic, country look: hickory furniture.

About Hickory Furniture

Hickory furniture is made using wood from hickory trees which grow in the eastern United States and eastern Asia. Hickory wood is considered to be one of the hardest types of wood native to the US. According to this article, “Hickory sapwood (the outer rim of wood, directly behind the bark) is white to cream-colored, while the heartwood (wood in the center of the trunk) is tan or reddish brown.” This coloring makes hickory wood very beautiful. Because hickory is both strong and attractive, it is used for both industrial equipment, home furnishings, and décor.

hickory bed
hickory rocking chair

Why Choose Hickory Furniture?

It is important to understand that hickory furniture is not for everyone. It really only fits with specific looks such as rustic. If you’re going for a “modern” look in your house, hickory furniture probably isn’t for you. If you are uncertain whether hickory furniture is good for you, here are a few reasons people choose it. If you identify with these points, then hickory furniture just might be what you are looking for.

Hickory Furniture is Beautiful

Hickory furniture is some of the most beautiful furniture you will ever find. It has a very natural, untouched look, unlike some of the standard, overly manufactured modern furniture. What is most exciting about it is that due to this natural look, no two pieces of hickory furniture are exactly the same. Each is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Hickory Furniture is Strong

As previously mentioned, hickory wood is one of the hardest types of wood in the United States. This means that equipment and furniture made from hickory are very strong and durable. Assuming that your hickory furniture is well-built, it can be expected to last decades and even lifetimes. Very few other types of furniture can boast this long of a lifespan. If you are looking for long-lasting furniture, hickory furniture is about the best it gets.

Hickory Furniture is Rustic

One of the most common reasons people purchase hickory furniture is because of how well it goes with the rustic look. It is often used to furnish rustic homes or cabins. Nothing completes the rustic look like wood furniture and hickory furniture is some of the most beautiful and rustic furniture out there. If you are thinking of going for a rustic look in your home, then the hickory furniture store should be your first stop.

hickory living room furniture

Is Hickory Furniture Expensive?

A common perception is that hickory furniture is expensive. In reality, hickory furniture is very affordable, especially for the quality that you get. Most regular couches range somewhere between $500 and $6,000 (there are cheaper options, but they tend to be very low quality). However, in order to get a good quality couch that will last more than 5 years, this article recommends that you spend around $1,600. A couch of this quality should last 15-30 years. Compare this to the hickory sofa from Northwood Industries which costs $1,098 and is expected to last decades if not lifetimes. While it is possible to find cheaper furniture, none can compare to the quality of hickory furniture. Not even more expensive furniture.

Caring for Your Hickory Furniture

Hickory furniture is very easy to take care of. Because it is not fully padded like some other furniture, it is much nicer to clean and does not stain very easily. However, due to the fact that hickory is a wood, it can be susceptible to things like moisture or direct sunlight. Here are some things that you can do to care for your hickory furniture and protect it.


To keep your hickory furniture looking nice and preserve it as long as possible, there are several things you can do. First, clean and polish it regularly. Dirt build-up and spills that are left sitting can steal from your furniture’s natural beauty and potentially even damage it. Second, use protective coverings like tablecloths on hickory tables and coasters on hickory coffee tables. This can prevent liquid from damaging the wood. Third, keep your hickory furniture away from direct sunlight and heat sources. These can damage it and cause discoloring. Finally, don’t use strong chemicals such as nail-polish remover. Strong chemicals can wear on the wood finish and cause discoloring.

Damaged Furniture

If you find yourself in the situation where your hickory furniture is already damaged and you want to fix it, you have two options: home or expert repair. If you decide to go the home repair route, it is important that you are very careful as a mistake could further damage your furniture. Rather than explaining how to repair your hickory furniture here, we recommend that you use YouTube as a resource. Find someone who clearly explains the process and follow the instructions as best you can. If you choose the expert repair route, first contact the company you purchased the furniture from and see if they can do the repair. If not, then try to find someone in your area who repairs wood furniture.

Decorating with Hickory Furniture

Hopefully by now you’ve realized that hickory furniture is much more than couch you put in your living room. It is more than furniture. It is a type of décor. That means that understanding how to best use your hickory decorations can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. There are lots of way to decorate with hickory furniture and there is not one way that is necessarily the right way but here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

rustic decor

rustic decor cabinets

rustic decor dining room

rustic hickory kitchen

hickory bedroom decor

rustic bedroom decor

hickory decor

hickory bathroom decor

Finding Great Hickory Furniture

Now that you know all about hickory furniture, the question is, where can you find it. Here at Northwood Industries, we have a wide selection of hickory furniture and we like to think that it is some of the best around. If you are interested in purchasing hickory furniture, head over to our online store or contact us.

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