Shed Greenhouse

Shed Greenhouse

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Are you seeking more than just an ordinary shed greenhouse? Then your search ends here. At Northwood Outdoor, we offer a durable shed greenhouse made of premium-quality cedar wood that withstands any type of weather elements. Our greenhouses for sale in WI, also come with an attached storage unit where you can keep your garden tools organized. Its sleek, modern design sets it apart from regular greenhouses and adds beauty to your garden.

shed greenhouse

Discover The Exceptional Shed Greenhouses for Sale in WI


Sheds for sale in WI

This fully assembled greenhouse for sale in WI is ready for immediate use in your backyard. With its generous dimensions, it provides ample space for your plants to thrive.

Ventilated Greenhouse

Sheds for sale in WI

This shed greenhouse features three doors, two windows, and a 12-inch exhaust fan for excellent ventilation. It maintains optimal conditions for your plants, even when sealed.

Sturdy Metal Roof

Sheds for sale in WI

The sturdy metal roof offers superior protection for gardening tools and supplies, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

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8x14' Wide

Shed Greenhouse Photo Gallery

Explore our shed greenhouse photo gallery to envision how this spacious structure can transform your backyard into a thriving garden oasis. Our greenhouse for sale in WI offers a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, providing ample room for your plants to flourish. From vibrant flowers to lush vegetables, see how our shed greenhouse can elevate your gardening experience.

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