12x18 Cape Cod Prefab Garages

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Elevate your property with the exquisite craftsmanship and practicality of our 12×18 Cape Cod Garage, exclusively from Northwood Outdoor. This distinguished structure marries the timeless allure of Cape Cod architecture with contemporary reliability, ensuring it stands as a hallmark of both style and functionality. Whether you seek additional storage space, a dedicated workshop, or a secure shelter for your ATVs, our garage is designed to exceed your expectations.


Key Features:


  • Spacious 12×18 Dimensions: Offers ample room for ATVs, equipment, and workspace.
  • 9′ Overhead Door: Provides easy access for larger vehicles and equipment.
  • Heavy-Duty Floor: Built to withstand the demands of daily use and storage needs.
  • 2′ Overhang: Enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides additional protection from the elements.
  • Side Entry Door: Convenient access for pedestrians without opening the main garage door.
  • Two Windows: Allows natural light to fill the interior, creating a bright and inviting workspace.


Crafted with precision using durable materials such as Duratemp siding and a resilient shingle roof, our Cape Cod Garage promises exceptional longevity and minimal maintenance. It effortlessly harmonizes with any landscape, making it an ideal addition to both residential and commercial properties alike.


Experience the perfect blend of traditional charm and modern functionality with our 12×18 Cape Cod Garage from Northwood Outdoor. Whether for practical storage solutions or enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal, our garage is your premier choice. Discover why discerning property owners trust Northwood Outdoor for their structural needs. Contact us today

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