Storage Shed Buying Guide - Part 4

Shed Usage and Enjoyment: Getting the Most Out of Your New Shed

The delivery man has come and gone and you have a new shed on your property. It is time for you to take ownership of this new building by turning the bare-boned structure into the shed of your dreams. In this final part of the Shed Buyers Guide we will briefly cover maintenance and upkeep of your shed and then give some helpful tips for organizing the interior and ideas for sprucing up the outside. We will then wrap up this guide by featuring some unique and creative ways that people have used their sheds.

interior of a man cave shed

The Retreat Cabin from Northwood Outdoor.

Maintenance and Upkeep of Your Shed

A good quality shed should require very little maintenance or upkeep. Still, it is good to keep an eye on the condition of your shed, staying alert for potential problems that could deteriorate the shed’s structure. If you have a shed with wood siding, you should stay alert to the condition of the paint or the sealer on the siding. Paint or sealer deterioration is a common cause of sheds wearing out. If you start to notice any bubbling, peeling, molding, or wood rotting it is a likely sign that your shed is begging for another paint job. The longer you let these problems go, the more likely that long-term damage will be done to your shed’s structure.

If your shed has vinyl siding, you should stay alert to holes or cracks in the siding. It is common for lawn mowers or weed trimmers to throw rocks or other objects at your shed, causing holes or cracks in the siding. Here in the North with our rough winters siding is more likely to become brittle and age quicker, especially if it is a cheaper vinyl siding. Holes in your vinyl siding gives moisture access to your wood frame, likely causing molding and/or rotting. When you see holes, have them fixed as soon as possible.

Some other things to stay alert to are the condition of your roof and the seals around your shed’s doors. Any signs of leaking or moisture coming through your roof or doors should be fixed. Also keep an eye on the caulking around windows or other seams. Over time caulk can become brittle and start to crack. If you see this happening, peel off the old caulk and give your shed some love with a new caulk job.

Organizing the Interior

There are a lot of great tools and tips available to help you organize your shed. Of course, your shed organization will be unique to your specific usage. If you are using your shed for general storage your organization setup will be very different from a setup for a tool shed or a wood working shop. Below are a variety of ideas to help get you started thinking about how you want to organize your shed

1. Shelving

Adding shelves to your shed is a great way to maximize space and keep things orderly.


Built-in Wall Shelving

Hanging Shelving for Storage Sheds

Hanging shelving brackets. Available Here

Stand alone shelving for storage sheds

Metal Shelving Units from Global Industrial

2. Pegboard

Pegboard storage systems are one the most efficient and best options to keep tools and other items organized in a workspace.

pegboard rack in storage shed

Photo Credit: Pretty Handy Girl

pegboard for storage sheds

Metal pegboard from Amazon

3. Cabinets

Adding cabinets to your shed allows you to store items out of sight and in an enclosed space that protects them from other dust or dirt that could come from working in your space.

portable cabinets for storage shed organization

Portable Storage Cabinets from Global Industrial

4. Creative Storage Hacks

Below are just a few more images of what people have done to creatively maximize their storage space.

pvc tool storage in storage sheds

Photo Credit: Dave Wirth

storage shed pallet organization hacks

Pallet Storage by Unexpected Elegance

Using cans to Organize Sheds

Jar storage hack by Chez Larsson

5. Other Storage Tips to Remember
  • Label boxes and items well so they are easily identified.
  • Keep everything accessible so you do n’t have to deconstruct piles of stuff to get to something.
  • Use sealed containers for valuables or items you want to protect from rodents.

Sprucing Up the Outside

A well-built shed can be a beautiful addition to most any outdoor space. We are often impressed with how well our customers have done in making their sheds look beautiful in their setting. A little bit of effort in landscaping can go a long way in making the shed look at home while adding long-term value to your property. Here are some visual ideas to get you started thinking about sprucing up the outside of your shed.

Flowerbeds and Shrubs
landscaped storage shed

Beautiful landscaping job by a Northwood customer

shed with sidewalk and landscaping

Creative walkway by one of our shed customers

Garage shed with ramp

Northwood Garage with a ramp

storage shed with weathervane

Northwood Cape Cod Garden Shed with Weathervane

Flower Boxes and Window Shutters
Storage shed with flower box

Northwood Customer's Shed with Flower Boxes

Outdoor Furniture and Patio Area
poly patio furniture for storage shed exterior

Northwood Poly Furniture on a Customer's Outdoor Patio

Creative Storage Shed Uses

Ideas for Taking Your Shed to the Next Level

Now to wrap up this guide let's take a quick tour of some really creative ways other people have used sheds. We're often inspired by how creative people can get with their shed space. These are just a small sampling of what you could use a shed for.

Man Caves

Evening hangouts, man parties, hunting cabins, quiet retreats, hobby spaces.... the options are limitless for sheds turned man caves. This is a great way to create your own personal man space.

Man cave storage shed usage

Photo Credit: Woodworking Network

Craft Studio

Leah Day is a popular online quilting teacher who turned her shed into sewing and quilting studio for shooting her instructional videos. By moving from her house to a shed she was able to create a much more private and quiet space to do her work. We think she has done a great job.

She Sheds

This lady took a garden shed and turned it into a She Shed on Steroids. The shed (named "Miss She Shed" by friends) has become the hub for gardening activities, a home business, friend hangouts, hatching butterfilies, and morning coffee times. Read the full story here

A Garden Shed Turned She Shed

Backyard Home Office

Needing a quiet space to be able to focus and work, Dell employee, Eryn Logan, purchased a shed and turned it into a home office.

Vacation Cabin

You can quickly turn a small plot of land into a beautiful getaway spot by turning a shed into a vacation cabin.

beautiful vacation cabin shed in woods

Backyard Guest House

Need more room to host the in-laws over the holidays? Or maybe you want your grandchildren to stay the summer and need a space for them to stay. A shed is an easy solution to add guest quarters to your property.

Guest house from a shed

And that wraps up our ULTIMATE STORAGE SHED BUYING GUIDE. We wish you the best as you shop for your shed and make it your own. Feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts you have for this guide.

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