Storage Shed Buying Guide - Part 2

In part 1 of our Shed Buying Guide we took an in-depth look at the things that you should consider in determining what kind of shed you need. The goal of this was to assist you in developing an ideal storage shed profile for your specific needs. The time you spent in this will be worth-it when you start the actual shed shopping process.

And now it is time to do just that - start shopping!

Finding and Purchasing Your Dream Shed

When it comes to storage shed shopping, there are so many shed companies to choose from and multiple ways you can go about shopping from these companies. There is not a simple formula we can give you to go through the shopping and buying process. But with years of experience in the shed industry and in assisting shed customers, we can give you some tips and tricks to help you get the best shed for your situation at the best price.

your storage sheds buying guide part 2

Starting the Search

As we already mentioned, there are myriads of shed companies wanting your business. As you start your search you will likely see sheds for sale from national store chains, like Home Depot and Lowes, who carry mass-produced cookie-cutter sheds. These companies will usually have limited custom options and will emphasize price over quality. Then there are national shed companies with local display lots and dealers. The available options and the quality of these sheds vary from company to company. Lastly, there are locally-based companies, like Northwood Industries, who either build or sell storage sheds that are built for the rough Northern climate and are able to be customized to your specific specs and features. Our recommendation is to avoid buying sheds from the national store chains unless you are on a very limited budget. Even then, it would be wise to shop around and check out the prices of local companies before assuming that the big chains will have the cheapest sheds.

There are numerous ways that you can find the shed sellers in your area. In today’s internet age, most people are using online resources for locating shed companies. A simple search with your preferred internet search engine is a great way to get started. Another great online resource for finding shed companies is social media. Many shed companies are active on social media and a quick search should pull up the local companies and give you a good overview of what they offer.

Online Search Tip

If you are wanting to find local shed companies be specific with your searches. Rather than just typing in “storage sheds” or “sheds for sale,” try searching for "sheds for sale near me” or include your local town in the search (i.e. Sheds for sale in [Your Town]).


If the internet intimidates you or if you would rather stick to more traditional methods, the local phone book can be a great resource for giving an overview of the storage shed companies in your area.

Shopping for Storage Sheds

There are two good ways to do shed shopping after you’ve discovered the local shed companies in your area. One option is to browse through shed companies’ websites and another option is to physically visit the storage shed lots.

A website can be a great place to at least start the shopping process. A trustworthy shed company should have a user-friendly site that makes it easy to see what types of sheds are available, what options and quality features are offered, and what the price range is for the sheds they offer. Most storage shed websites will have the option to request a detailed quote on any of their sheds once you have found a shed that you are interested in.

While shopping online gives you the convenience of finding your storage shed from the comfort of your recliner, there are also some advantages to physically visiting a storage shed company. One of the obvious ones is that you can actually see the different shed options and inspect the quality of the buildings. It also gives you the advantage of in-person communication, allowing you to establish a relationship with the seller.

Whether you decide to go with the online shopping route or choose to actually visit shed lots, we have a list of 7 tips that will help you in determining which storage shed to buy from which company.

1. Compare Prices and Features

Check around at a few local shed companies and compare prices on similar sheds. But don’t look at just pricing. Check out the different features and the materials that are used to build the shed. Some companies may have higher pricing than other shed companies on the same size and style of shed but actually be offering a better deal due to the quality of the materials they use.

2. Ask for Quotes That Include Taxes and Cost of Delivery

You do not want to commit to purchasing a shed only to discover that the final price is a lot higher than you anticipated due to sales taxes and delivery fees. Some shed companies include delivery in their prices and others charge either a flat delivery fee or charge by the mile. Make sure to ask for a final, delivered price when you a get a shed quote.

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3. Read Customer Reviews and Testimonials

A good shed company should have happy customers. Before deciding to purchase from a specific storage shed company check out their ratings and reviews on social media and other online business rating platforms. Most companies who offer good service and a quality product will have raving fans. Pay attention to this.

4. Ask About Warranties and Repair Agreements

Different shed companies have different terms and conditions that apply to storage sheds purchased from them. The warranty that is offered by a company can be a window into the quality of the materials used on their storage sheds and the confidence they have in their quality. Be sure to find out what warranty is offered and how willing the company is to stand behind their products in case of damage.

5. Purchase From Companies Who Take Pride In Their Sheds

There is a big difference between a shed company that exists only to get your money and one that exists because they want to serve you and enjoys selling quality sheds. The level of pride that a company and their salesmen show in their buildings and in the story of their company gives insight into how much you can trust them.

6. Look for Personalized Service

A good, trustworthy shed company will try to help you find what you actually need rather than just trying to make a quick sale. Pay attention to the kind of questions the shed salesman asks and how much concern they show in making sure you get what you need. If they are more concerned about talking up their sheds instead of discovering your needs than you should be wary of that company.

7. Be Ready to Put Money Down to Get the Best Price

If you want the lowest price for your shed, you should be ready to put money down on your shed at the time of ordering. Most companies require a significant deposit at time of ordering unless you choose to go with a rent-to-own shed purchasing option. Rent to own requires less money up-front but in the long run it will significantly increase your investment in your storage shed.

Now that you’ve gotten these handy tips to assist you in buying a storage shed it is time to stop reading and start looking. Happy Shopping!

What's Next?

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